Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Bridge Gardens, Bridgehampton, NY

June 19 - September 9, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 21, 2012 6-8:30pm

A season-long, outdoor sculpture exhibition presented by C FINE ART & The Peconic Land Trust, hosted by Bridge Gardens

Bridgehampton's largest outdoor sculpture exhibition returned to Bridge Gardens for its 3rd Season. UNCOMMON GROUND III, presented by C Fine Art and the Peconic Land Trust, will showcase large scale, contemporary sculpture for the summer season.

The exhibition is a sequel to last season's exhibition, UNCOMMON GROUND II and further explores our relationship with the natural world and the one we create. The dynamic of the garden itself with its undulating play between the purely natural and "cultivated," provides the substrate or "ground" from which the sculptures are seemingly born.

This year's exhibition includes an exceptional roster of internationally acclaimed, museum-collected artists recognized for their mastery in metal sculpture. New to this year's exhibition are Hans Van de Bovenkamp, Steve Tobin, Gino Miles and Wendy Lehman. Returning favorites include Kevin Barrett, Joel Perlman and Michael Enn Sirvet.

A spectacular, silver arch by Hans Van de Bovenkamp will greet visitors and direct them through the beautiful landscape to discover an array of sculptures nestled throughout the property.

"The works have been carefully placed within the 5 acres that encompass Bridge Gardens, underscoring and emphasizing the juxtaposition of both organic and cultivated native plants and objects that are manmade but which never the less seemingly appear as native components to the landscape." - Eric Ernst, Press News Group

Kevin Barrett's BIG CAT was created expressly for the exhibition; its organic forms dance rhythmically with strength and durability, echoing the lyricism and endurance of the garden terrain. Steve Tobin's signature STEELROOTS seem to have germinated from the garden soil, ever-growing and yearning far beyond physical possibilities, and Michael Enn Sirvet's WHITE PHANTASM swings from a nearby tree, mimicking the branches above.


Bridge Gardens was founded in 1988 by Harry Neyens and Jim Kilpatric who designed and installed the gardens over the ensuing 20 years. In 2008 Bridge Gardens was donated to the Peconic Land Trust, a not-for-profit organization that conserves the working farms, natural lands and heritage of Long Island. The Trust has worked in partnership with landowners, local government, partner organizations, and communities to conserve over 10,000 acres of land on Long Island.

Bridge Gardens is located at 36 Mitchell Lane near the center of Bridgehampton and close to the site of other art events that will occur simultaneously throughout the season.