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C FINE ART SCULPTURE : Copernicus' Midnight Sun by Isobel Folb Sculpture

Gertrude Stein said sculpture was made with "pretty air," so it seems appropriately organic to find a wealth of sculptural treasures out in the air, in gardens, museums, even private homes. This summer on the East End, you can plan your own personal sculpture experience at a number of venues, without ever having to miss a moment of that glorious summer sun...

When you find Bridge Gardens, just off Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton, you may feel as if you've discovered the grown-up version of the Secret Garden. Wind your way through narrow passageways lined with tall hedges, past topiaries of a swan trio, a family grouping, and assorted animals, and you will reach the loveliest juxtaposition of nature and art - a rose garden with, as a centerpiece, James DeMartis' airy "Willow" sculpture, looking right at home among the blooms. Before you leave Bridgehampton, you can even make a stop at the Bridgehampton Historical Society, where Dennis Leri's "Lawn Sculpture" will be on exhibit starting July 9...

Whether you spend your East End summer in the open air or in a gallery, doing good at a fundraiser, or doing nothing but smelling the flowers, you'll never be far from outstanding art.