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"Uncommon Ground : Metal and Stone" ArtHamptons 2013




ON VIEW: Friday, July 12 - Sunday, July 14
LOCATION: ArtHamptons Fine Art Fair
  Sculpture Fields of Nova's Ark, 60 Millstone Road, Bridgehampton, NY
  Booth #310

BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY  JUNE 25th -- UNCOMMON GROUND, Bridgehampton’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition moves indoors!

Bringing large-scale, contemporary sculpture to the community for past three seasons, the exhibition UNCOMMON GROUND has become a welcomed addition to the Hamptons Summer Arts program, giving visitors the opportunity to interact with larger than life and monumental works that were integrated into the natural environment.

Strategically situated on the five beautiful acres that encompass Bridge Gardens, the sculptures sprang forth from the rich garden soil from which they were seemingly born.

Caroline Ramersdorfer

This season, C FINE ART, founder and curator of UNCOMMON GROUND, will exhibit the same artists at the ArtHamptons Art Fair and, for the first time, impart each artist’s style and methods in a variety of sizes.

Participating artists include International Sculptors, Kevin Barrett, John Van Alstine, Caroline Ramersdorfer, Isobel Folb Sokolow and Alexander Krivoshiew.

Visitors to UNCOMMON GROUND and collectors of larger sculpture will now have the opportunity to see some of the actual maquettes used to make the larger pieces. Smaller works and two-dimensional wall pieces will also be on view, allowing visitors to experience the work on a more intimate and accessible level.

"A presentation of works of various scale, from miniature to sweeping, will facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the artist's process and point of view." -- Cheryl Sokolow, President, C Fine Art

A maquette of Kevin Barrett’s BIG CAT will accompany the bountiful 10-foot sculpture showcased in the fair’s outdoor Sculpture Garden; other majestic works include Alexander Krivosheiw's 12-foot, L FUSION, a wall piece on view at the fair's entrance.

Lead by President Cheryl Sokolow, C FINE ART excels in the acquisition and placement of larger scale, outdoor and indoor sculpture. C Fine Art specializes in building both private and corporate collections and curating compelling exhibitions of larger scale, outdoor sculpture. Commissions and site-specific projects are welcomed.